How to Organize Your Desk & Increase Productivity?

How to Organize Your Desk

If you’re like me, a messy desk most often results in an equally unproductive day, week, or even month. If this is the case, now is the time to whip that workspace into shape!

Yes, leaving those unnecessary items, old projects, and other bits and pieces to accumulate is no longer an option. This is especially true if you want to get on top of some critical work tasks.

After all, procrastinating about tidying often leads to avoiding work, too, right? However, I imagine figuring out how to get on top of the mess may be easier said than done. 

Not to worry! Be it an office or home desk; these top tips will help you declutter and re-energize your workspace!

1. Clear Out The Clutter

Unwanted items block the flow of energy as well as your work productivity. So, before tidying your workspace, it’s important to get rid of the extra items that no longer serve a purpose. 

After all, trying to clean or rearrange these things is a waste of your precious time! So, how to decide what stays and what goes?

Well, there are various ways to achieve this, not least separating items into wanted and unwanted piles. But, why not try out a fun decluttering method this time around? 

Popular methods include the KonMari Method, the One Method, and the Four Box Method. Each has its benefits – and one is sure to suit your unique schedule, budget, and needs!

2. Do A Deep Clean

After you’ve cleared out your desk and sent unwanted bits on their way, you can get to the deep cleaning. No doubt, with all those extra items lying around, the dirt has piled up, too.

As such, I find just wiping down dusty surfaces and cleaning accumulated grime can do wonders all by itself. However, deep cleaning those nooks and crannies is even better!

Don’t be afraid to bring in the heavy guns, either! Some heavy-duty products, the hoover, or even a pro-cleaning team can do wonders getting rid of dust, grime, and stains! 

Once spring-cleaned, your now unrecognizable workspace will be way more enticing. Therefore, you’re much more likely to sit down and get some work done (without any prodding)!

3. Invest in Some Storage

Before putting your necessities back in place, you may want to consider investing in some organizational items! Just a few key pieces can make a massive difference to your desk space.

Of course, these items will also help you to keep your desk clean and tidy going forward! So, what are some essentials to invest in, then? 

Well, being a desk, you probably have documents, stationery, and other work-related bits and lying around. So, stationery holders, files, binders, and other office/desk-related items are ideal. 

Naturally, what you need (and what works best for you) will depend on your unique workspace. So, do take this into consideration when selecting key additions – and try to be selective, too.

4. Decorate to Invigorate

So, you’re giving your desk an overhaul, getting rid of unwanted items, cleaning, and more. While you’re at it, why not do a bit of re-decorating, too?

A new look can do wonders for your mindset – thereby making your desk time much more productive! A new calming or energizing wall color is an excellent way to improve your mood.

However, if you’re working from a cubicle or a work office, this may not be an option. In this case, you could opt for a few motivational posters or framed artworks, though.

Otherwise, cushions, other soft furnishings, and some pretty or sleek decor can do wonders in a space. Just be sure to do a mood board and pick a style before investing in these items!

5. Add Some O2

During the daytime, plants release oxygen as a byproduct of photosynthesis. As such, a houseplant and its complementary O2 make for an excellent addition to your workspace!

You can also pick a plant that suits your style and maintenance preferences. For example, a cactus is an excellent choice for a minimalistic space – and a low-maintenance owner!

Just be sure to pick a plant that doesn’t respirate (use up oxygen and emit carbon dioxide) at night. These include Areca Palm, Snake Plant, Aloe Vera, Tulsi, Peace Lily, and Spider Plants.

That way, the plant will improve air quality all night long, too. So, your space is fresh in the morning! 

6. Invest in a Good Chair

Sometimes, it’s the often-overlooked things that can make the most difference in a space. In this case, an ergonomic, comfortable office chair!

If you’re spending a considerable amount sitting at your desk doing work, then a quality chair is a must! Apart from improving your posture, it will provide much-needed support.

So, you will be less likely to develop aches and pains that may deter you from working in the future. You will also feel a lot less stressed while doing your work comfortably!

If swapping out your office chair isn’t an option, you can also invest in a support pillow for your current chair. One of these will be able to offer similar benefits to a quality chair.

7. Choose Your Spot Wisely

Where your desk faces can have a huge impact on how you feel while working. A dark, dingy corner with no natural light can make you feel isolated, while a noisy area can distract you.

So, it’s a good idea to place your desk in a well-lit, peaceful area where you can get some serious work done. Introducing natural colors, soft lighting, and nature is a great idea, too.

Doing this may not be easy for everyone, especially those working from an office, though. However, there are still small things you can do, such as introducing a lamp or artwork.

Nature scenes make an excellent choice if you lack windows or green. These items will bring a slice of the outdoors, indoors – and, with them, a sense of peace, tranquility, and calm!

8. Keep It Minimal

When organizing your desk area, minimalism is key. After all, apart from the location of your desk, the state of it can have a huge impact on your productivity!

Minimalistic spaces allow you to access what you need quickly and efficiently. And, lack of clutter lets you get on with your work undistracted, also improving productivity!

The key to applying minimalism in your space is in keeping only the necessities. Just remember not to overdo it and end up being frustrated that you packed everything away, though!

Extra storage spaces can help you keep your desk area minimal while also keeping these items on hand. So, do consider investing in some binders, shelves, drawers, and other tools.

9. Reorganize Your Desk Practically

Now that you’ve decluttered, cleaned, decorated, and maybe even upgraded your workspace, you can get to organizing it. You should know exactly which items are or aren’t essentials.

So, it should be easy to put your desk area back together in a way that suits your needs. Keeping necessities close by and visible will help you complete your tasks faster.

Of course, being able to access these items quickly will also lead to less stress and anxiety! So, it’s well worth thinking about exactly where to place each item, ergonomically speaking.

Ideally, things you use daily or multiple times per day should be the most visible and accessible. On the other hand, less frequently used items can get stowed away temporarily.

10. Practice Calm

Sometimes, a tidy desk is not an option – perhaps you’re mid-project, late on a deadline, or have just been assigned a project, short-notice. In these instances, it’s ok to let things be a bit messy!

Constantly tidying while mid-task can be both stressful and non-productive. So, if a temporarily untidy desk is getting to you, it might be worthwhile to learn some mental coping techniques.

Meditation, detachment, and breathing exercises are all excellent options! Just remember – don’t let the mess get the better of you – you’re the boss!

Though it may be hard at first, practicing any of these techniques will help over time. 


It may not always be easy to get the ball rolling at work. However, one thing is for sure – a desk overhaul is an excellent way to improve your mood, and maybe even your productivity!

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